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Product Impressions
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House rotation platform

Rotarc provides a modular house rotation platform in various sizes on which you can built a house or building to your own choice. The platform has a range of unlimited 360° rotation, is fully safe according European CE and IEC standards and has no limitations for supply of water, electricity and modern heating&cooling technologies. Rotation of a 100 tons house can be managed by 2 electromotors with an average power consumption of less than 50 W, which is supplied by solar panels on the solar side of the house. Typical height of the platform to rotate a house is 1.5 m. This platform can be assimilated as a basement below surface level, so accessibility is equal to any other normal house. Our prototype is built in Terwispel, Streek 23 next to the church, Netherlands with a piramid building built on top of the platform.
Prototype platform in Terwispel Technical impression Rotating house