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About us

Leonie Wigger

Leonie is the customer contact person. She has a master degree in education and is the down to earth person at Rotarc. Leonie alligns wishes of the customer with technical possibilities, and defines the requirements for the product design and production.  During her career as a teacher on western as well as non-western schools she gained a large experience in working with different nationalities and cultural back-grounds. Leonie is member of a Bank Council in the north of the Netherlands. Key words: Customer contact, requirement allignment, product verification & final handover

Henk and Klaasje Pijlman

Henk and Klaasje are the owners of the prototype in Terwispel. Both well educated in Mathematics and Physics they were pioneers with out of the box solutions for wind and solar energy. Henk has a lot of practical experience in construction techniques and Klaasje in (interior) design. In addition to their rotating house they are building a small sized wind mill generating electricity for personal consumption purposes

Hermen Pijlman

Hermen is responsible for the technical product design, production and organization. He has an academic degree with PHD in mechanical engineering and gained experience in managing technical development by several projects for defence and automotive applications. Hermen has a large affinity with sustainable solutions: patents have been developed for an autonomous solar tracking technology (patent 1042652) and low power waste separator (under patent). He has good contacts at Universities & knowledge institutions. Key words: New inventions, R&D, analytical modelling, science and physics
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